Carbon Fiber Stitching for Foundations

Carbon fiber stitching is a new and efficient method for foundation repair and stability. Typically cracks on the exterior foundation have been addressed by excavating the foundation and placing steel beams, to reinforce, both on the inside and outside of the foundation to stabilize and stop further movements. However, with carbon fiber stitching, everything is done from the inside of the foundation, without the need to excavate to expose the foundation.

No matter what kind of structural repair you need, carbon fiber comes in various forms to ensure that any kind of application can be made to suit your situation. Using the carbon fiber stitching method for your foundation saves you time and money, and gives you peace of mind.

Routine checks on your home’s foundation is encouraged, for even small cracks can cause extensive damage to your property over time. Movements in the foundation over time may even cause fatigue of the building stucture and contribute to structural weakness and even failure.

The main cause of movements  in foundations is the expansion and contraction of the concrete due to the changes in temperatures during the day and night as well as changes in seasons – any water getting into the foundation only makes these effects worse. Stitching the cracks in the concrete foundation eliminates these movements and maintains their stability for the long term.


Advantages of using carbon fiber stitching for foundations:

  • Exterior excavation is not done.
  • In just one repair, the horizontal, vertical and corner cracks on the walls get repaired as well.
  • It takes a short time to complete.
  • There is minimal noise and air pollution.
  • It is an affordable and effective repair method.
When it comes to safety of you and your loved ones, you cannot take any chances. The foundation of any building is what determines the stability of a structure. You should not wait until the cracks on the foundation expand and pose a danger to others; have a professional apply the best solution: carbon-fiber stitch foundation cracks with for a strong and stable home.