Crack Injection With Delta Membrane

Regardless of how strong the initial poured concrete may be, sooner or later, as the building ages, it may develop cracks. Small cracks in you your home’s foundation can lead to severe damages in the future and should be treated as soon as possible.

Repairing cracks in your home’s wall or foundation with the crack injection method using delta membrane can be done from inside the home with minimal disruption.

The crack injection with delta membrane method first injects material to fill any cracks. A series of holes is drilled every six to eight inches alongside the run of the crack. The diameter of each hole needs to be three eights of an inch, angled at forty five degrees and set perpendicular to the way the crack runs. The goal is to make sure that the crack runs almost in the middle of the area that is treated.

The next phase in the process involves placing a polyurethane resin and metal injection ports in the hole and a drying and expansion activator which needs to be injected with approximately sixty eight hundred PSI, completely filling and bonding  to the crack cavity. After the resin is injected into the cavities and they’re completely filled, it should be allowed to set and expand.

The sealant will be evenly spread and cure to distribute stresses and perfectly repair the crack, preventing future damage.

Delta membrane is then applied to the finished repair to form a final barrier to prevent any further water seepage from the edges of the repair, making a water-tight basement foundation.

Various types and sizes available

Crack injections using delta membrane are available in a wide range of types and sizes and while some of them are designed for flooring (and are generally plain), others feature a mesh that is welded on the face and helps with fixing dab and dot plasterboard systems.

The effectiveness of the delta membrane is excellent and offers drainage installation options for properly collecting any water at the wall’s foot. This can be easily routed into a natural drainage point or into a drain later on.

Anyone who is currently looking into basement waterproofing solutions should definitely consider the benefits of crack injections with delta membrane. Not only is it quite affordable, but installation is also quite simple and can be done quickly.