Foundation Screws

What is a Foundation Screw?

A foundation screw is a versatile, durable and easily implemented fastening device used in foundation construction. The foundation screw is perfectly suited to secure almost anything into the ground, even for submerged foundations. Typically, it is suitable for natural ground or even dense and paved surfaces. It provides a long-lasting, resilient ground engineering solution that is easy and fast to install, saving construction site time.

What is it used for?

There are quite a number of applications for foundation, or “ground” screws as they are often referred to. For instance, they can be used for fencing, recreation equipment, as well as posts for permanent or temporary buildings, installing advertising boards, traffic signs, and more.

In addition, ground screws can be suitably utilized in many other applications, especially where sustainable and robust ground engineering foundations are required. The ground screw is absolutely suitable for a wide range of soil and ground types including tarmac, cement, asphalt, sand, loam, clay, rock, and soil beneath the water.

Ground screw


Ground screws are easily installed using a number of different screwing aids and machines. For instance, it can be installed perfectly perpendicular and in an exact spot in a matter of a few minutes.

Ground screw installation is not only appropriate in typical ground conditions, it is also suitable for dense and even asphalted surfaces.

The ground screw system is truly environment-friendly, has a low-impact on landscaping and is extremely economical. Ground screws are indeed an incredible revolution in foundation and footing construction.

Benefits of the ground screw:

Some of the key benefits of ground screws include the following:
  1. Flexible and very efficient: The Krinner Ground Screw System can be utilized as a foundation for a wide array of portable or permanent ground-mounted applications, ranging from large scale solar farms to fencing, playgrounds, and signage.
  2. Unbeatable construction times with exceptional precision: The ground screw can be installed using a number of different methods and machinery. It can be driven into the ground at the exact spot required, in just a few minutes.
  3. Concrete-free installation: Usually, the installation process doesn’t require digging, concrete trades, excavations, or even the extensive curing time of concrete. That means, no wait time or delay until your anchors are ready to use. Saves lots of time and additional effort.
  4. Sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional foundations: The Krinner Ground Screws are made from approximately 75-80% recycled steel. The Ground screw installation is a low environmental impact, vibration free process, not creating a lot of construction site noise and disruption of the landscape. The Krinner Ground Screw is completely and easily removable.
  1. Safe, robust, and uncomplicated: Krinner Ground Screws have been tested and approved by international Standards Organizations. It has gained European wide acceptance through the TUV Reinland and ISO1461 certification.
  2. Proven technology excels in renewable energy sector: The ground screw foundation has been utilized for over a decade across Europe to rapidly and precisely install over 800MWp of solar panel fields. It has been proven to be popular and successful enough to support over 10% of the worldwide market.
  3. Consistent and reliable performance: Krinner ground screws provides an absolute guarantee of 20 years. Moreover, it has been successfully tested to 30 years in the ground, with an expected life span of over 50 years. Testing proves that Krinner ground screws can be expected to deliver very consistent and reliable performances over the long term.