No matter how big or small the job, Proseal is equipped to excavate right down to the footings. We can resolve any foundation leak.


Sewer & Drain Installation & Updates

We do rough-ins for basement bathrooms, sinks, etc. We also take care of sewer pipe updates from house to road. We install sewer back-flow preventer values. When city sewer infrastructure is at a maximum capacity this value prevents sewer back up into your basement.

Concrete Resurfacing

We go over old pitted concrete, pattern it and colour it with our state of the art re-surfacing materials.


Weeping Tile & Foundation Membrane

Weeping tile is essential for water drainage. We use perforated weeping tile with a sock. The perforation allows water to get into the weeping tile, while the sock prevents dirt from entering. We also install P60 foundation tar or when applicable we use the blue skin membrane which provides elasticity for foundation movement, while remaining waterproof.

Repairs To: Concrete/Block/Stone

We remove old bowing concrete, block, or stone walls, and completely rebuild. We also provide certified engineering plans.



Injection is a two step process. First we inject the crack with two part epoxy. Secondly, we install a drainage membrane. This ensures that water will never penetrate.


Interior/Exterior Methods

Often drainage problems can be solved by either interior or exterior installation of weeping tile or foundation membrane or blue skin rubber membrane. Additionally, we install sump pump pits and sump pumps.


Foundation/Structural Repairs

Whether you have a sinking foundation, need Footing Repairs or have a crumbling foundation, ProSeal Waterproofing is the solution to your problems. We offer quality workmanship guaranteed and many years of experience. Trust us for your foundation repairs.


Installation of Walkout Basements

There are many advantages to having a walkout basement in the event your home does not currently have one. Access to a lower level is the most obvious advantage which creates more usable space in your home. A walkout basement also adds value to your home and is attractive especially if you have a sloped lot. Considering a walkout basement, give the experts at ProSeal a call.